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‘Bharatmala’ Journey Of Electric Bikes Reaches The City For A Stop.

  The duo came up with the mission to encourage the youth to take part in entrepreneurship and drive home the message of sustainability, StartupnREV’s John Kuruvilla and Gautam Khot have embarked on their 14,216-km ‘Bharatmala’ journey across India on electric motorbikes.

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  Along with Sourabh Kumar of PotHoleRaja, a Bengaluru-based non-profit organization that aims at getting rid of the potholes in the country, they reached their first pit stop for this ride, The Avatar Hotel in the city.

   Charzer, who are supporting this event, has set up a fast-charging EV station in the hotel parking lot, making The Avatar Hotel the first hotel in Mangaluru to have this facility.

   The riders first stopped in The Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology to address the students on their mission and a team from The Avatar Hotel and Bikers Club, United Riders of Mangaluru, then escorted the riders into the city.

  On March 28, Mangaluru will also have the honour of being the last stop of the journey on the 54th day, as the bikes now head back to Bengaluru to complete their world record attempt.

  Also, The hotel is planning to organize a press meet event to celebrate the occasion on March 28.

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