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Mother Like Daughter, Save’s Kitten From Well.


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Rithika rescuing cat from the well.

  Humanity comes from within, Inspired by her mother, Rithika Shetty {20}, rescued a three-month-old kitchen from a 30ft well, in Pumpwell on Sunday.

  A third-year BA(HRD) student from SDM College of Business Management, she is the daughter of animal rescuer Rajani Damodar Shetty, who is known for rescuing animals and feeding nearly 800 stray animals every day, and Damodar Shetty, a driver. 

  Rithika mentioned, “My inspiration is my mother, who has dedicated her life to stray animals and been undertaking several animal rescues for several years. She always wanted me to learn the art of rescuing animals. Though I have been interested, this is my first individual rescue undertaken under the guidance of my parents. The public generally calls my mother whenever they find cats and dogs in wells, with requests to rescue them. When she received a call today, I was at home, and I decided to accompany my parents,”.

  Rithika was nervous as she got into the well, but her will and the support gave her strength, “I got into the well, and was scared. I did not let my focus shift from rescuing the kitten. My mother kept guiding me and told me to tell her, in case I felt breathless. Once I reached the point where the kitten was resting, I could hear my mother telling me to be careful, and not to hurt the little one. Once the rescue was complete, I felt like an achiever. Though I got bruises during the operation, I felt empowered. My mother too is confident that I can help her, and take her work forward,” said Rithika, also a dancer who was part of a group that participated in a reality show on national television. She plans to take up an MBA course next year. 

    Rajani said, “It is a dream come true. I want my children to serve stray animals. Though we were there to guide her, I am happy that she took courage and successfully saved the kitten. Both my daughters, Shwetha and Rithika, have been supporting the cause,” she said.

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