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17 Year Old Develops Prototype Robot To Help Farmers

A locomotive prototype robot developed by 17-year-old Sarthak hailing from Mangalore will help provide farmers with information regarding crop choices and soil properties. It has been named ‘Agribot’ and is designed in such a way that it provides information regarding soil moisture, temperature, and humidity from various parts of the field and will in turn help the farmer decide what crops to grow and how to go about the same.

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The master brain behind this prototype, Sarthak, is seventeen years old and is currently pursuing his second year in Expert Pre-University College situated in Kodialbail. Evidently, his interests lie in the areas of robotics, algorithms, computer-aided design, entrepreneurship, and much more. 

Some of the features of the prototype include having resistive soil moisture sensors, DHT 11 temperature, an ultrasonic sensor for the purpose of collecting information and readings of moisture, temperature, and obstacle values. This prototype has been exhibited at various venues like the EngiConnect 2019 at NITK and Pre-Unique 2019 at St. Aloysius Pre-University College. 

Speaking of this prototype robot Sarthak touched upon his hopes to help revolutionize the agricultural sector by reintroducing technology to them as something that is dependable and useful. This will reduce the time taken to measure the soil and test it. It will also help guide the farmers better by reading the soil and understanding what crop can yield best with the given conditions. What started as a creative project born out of his interest and the help of two friends along with the mentorship of Akshay Adyanthaya, turned out to be a prototype that foreshadowed the possibilities of merging agriculture with technological advances. 

Sarthak further explained that an interface will coordinate incorporated technology and that will provide the required guidance to attain a successful yield. Some other projects that Sarthak has successfully been a part of, include the Swachh Bin which is supposed to be a dustbin inside cars that will allow for easy and clean disposal of waste inside cars, and the Ideal Home Security Systems. 

When the entire world ran behind textbooks and into the city, Sarthak bought the textbook back to the village and the farm. His constant efforts to give back to the people who have fed millions of citizens across the country with their hard work, resulted in the creation of such an innovative and revolutionary prototype. The sun has just risen for Sarthak has he has much more to achieve in life. Through innovations like these, he inches closer to a successful life each day.

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