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2-year-old gives hair for cancer sufferers

A hair donor who will help put smiles on cancer sufferers’ faces at the tender age of two is this child. Baby Aadya Kulal, a Maroli native and the daughter of Bharat Kulal and Sumalatha Bharat, donated her hair via the Humanity Trust of Belman in Udupi.

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His 28-month-old daughter gave her hair on Wednesday, according to Bharat Kulal, who spoke to TOl. “Cancer sufferers must have hair that is at least 10 inches long to donate. My daughter had 11-inch long hair that could be donated. She hasn’t even gotten her hair trimmed outdoors, except from one offering at a temple as per our custom, to date.

Later, we let her hair grow since we intended to donate it to cancer victims. We were introduced to the trust by a buddy, said Kulal, a private bank executive.

As according him, the trust has never witnessed a baby giving hair at such a young age despite its involvement in numerous charity initiatives, such as assisting the needy in building homes and providing funding for the education of economically disadvantaged groups.

D Vedavyas Kamath, an MLA for Mangaluru City South, praised the young person’s deed and stated, “Many of us have been motivated to give back to society in some way as a result of the baby donating hair at such a young age. When I saw the bravery of this child, I became quite emotional. She might not comprehend the reason, but when she is older, she will be happy to know about it.”

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