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35 Villages In Udupi District To Have Complete Lockdown Till June 6

Starting from June 2nd 35 districts in Udupi will be completely shut down for five days. During these days even shops with essential commodities will not be functioning. Agricultural activities can happen normally while milk dairies can only operate for specific hours in the morning and evening.

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The villages under complete lockdown have more than 50 infected active cases. This is another measure taken by district administration to bring down to the TRP below 10% before June 7.

Marriage functions which have already received permission can be conducted inside the house. Petrol pumps present on the National Highways can function as usual. Any activities related to the health sector are allowed to function and all the Karnataka Milk Federation Milk Booths are allowed to function.

Any other activities will be completely curbed in these villages for five days. Checkposts are being set up at the borders of these villages and strict checking would be enabled. Nodal officers have been appointed in these villages. Village lockdown has supported the lockdown. Panchayath members are also serving a few checkposts.

Nobody can leave the village tomorrow onwards until June 6. The police have been trying their best to educate people on the need for such a lockdown and encouraging them to support the decision.

Shirva gram panchayat has also imposed such a strict lockdown for the next five days. The police department and officials of the health department along with the panchayth officers are working hard to ensure that the people are not roaming around. The police have seized the vehicles of the violators. The task force has also sealed a shop for violating the norms. Medical shops are operational only in the town region.

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