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A Documentary Film On Langurs Made By College Students From Dakshina Kannada

For the first time, a documentary film focusing completely and exclusively on black-footed grey langurs is being made to the joy of wildlife lovers. The documentary has been named “Urban Langur” and is going to be produced by a group of college-going students who go by the name, Team Wild DK. The primary motive behind bringing out such a documentary is to showcase the life of black-footed grey langurs in the urban city of Mangalore. The directors of the documentary are Sathwik P S and Dhyan P K who are students of architecture and hotel management respectively. Akshay Bhat, another group member has been made in-charge of narration for the documentary while Vinay Rangadhol and Aathmaram Puttur have taken care of the music for the same.

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While speaking in length about the documentary Sathwik spoke about how there are various types of grey langurs who dwell in the outskirts of the city and how they shot most of the documentary in an area near the railway line at Kenjar in Balpe. So far, they have been successful in capturing the lives of 40 langurs living in and around that area in the documentary. The students also expressed their dissent against activities carried out by humans that tend to put the precious lives of wild animals in danger. 

As the langurs live very close to the city, electrocution is a major cause of death as they often come in contact with electric wires near the roads that are close to their habitats. The different kinds of attacks that the animals face have also been depicted in the documentary throwing some light onto matters regarding their conservation and protection. The Mangalore forest division gave the group of wildlife enthusiasts and photographers access to required information. While the entire group is extremely interested in matters regarding wildlife, Sathwik himself has been a wildlife photographer for a period of four years and some of his work has even been featured in magazines. 

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