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A high-tech bus stop inaugurated as part of the “Smart and Digital Surathkal” concept.

Dr. Y Bharath Shetty, an MLA for Mangalore City North, opened a modern bus stop in Surathkal in front of Govinda Dasa College. The Mangaluru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) assisted in the development of the innovative, user-friendly bus stop. According to him, the “Smart and Digital Surathkal” initiative has built a full-fledged bus stop.

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The bus stop contains a drinking water station, CC cameras, and an emergency call feature for the safety of women and young girls to call the police and ask for assistance. Free Wi-Fi, three CCTV cameras, pure drinking water, an FM radio, an inverter, an SOS button, two fans, a first aid kit, and 12 seating arrangements,fire extinguisher, LED bulbs, selfie point, mobile and laptop charging points.

The bus stop has high-speed Wi-Fi available for students to utilise. At the bus stop, there is a touchscreen that has information on bus times and a bus tracking system. The touchscreen will connect to the internet. The touchscreen will offer information about nearby attractions and be internet-connected, he claimed. The police station, Mangaluru City Corporation, and the officers’ cell phones are all connected to the CCTV system. The police officer will have the key for the SOS button. The police station, circle inspector, and ACP are among the five phone numbers that will receive calls when the SOS button is hit. The police station will also receive a communication.

According to the MLA, a high-tech, contemporary restroom will be constructed behind the bus stop using money from MCF. The building has already started. Similar improvements will be done along LightHouse beach, according to the MLA. For the sake of tourists, a park and basic amenities will be built near Surathkal Beach. Cleanliness must be prioritised, he stressed. Other attendees included Mayor Jayanand Anchan and MUDA President Ravishankar Mijar.

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