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A new OTT platform for local entertainment announced marking Daijiworld turning 20

As per the letter from  the founder of Daijiworld Group of Media – on the 20th auspicious Makar Sankranti and a year adding to the success tales of 20 year establishment and news sharing, the traditional celebration could not be held due to covid situation. But not missing out this opportunity, the founder conveys his regards and thanks to the readers and well wishers who have should as a pillar from day one.

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Further the, today has 1.3 million visitors starting with a meagre number of 50 visitors; explaining about its journey Daijiworld expresses its gratitude to all involved for its success.

Being the pioneer of coastal Karnataka’s media and on the occasion of  20th anniversary the daijiworld has announced the OTT(out-the -top) platform for Tulu, Konkani, Beary and Kannada entertainment shows, for the first time in coastal Karnataka. Public can avail this by downloading the ‘Localwood’ OTT app within the next few days. The release of the app to the masses having  initially Tulu, Konkani movies, web series, musical shows, launched for both free and paid users. This project is partnered by ATC online, a pioneer in IT solutions company.The further details on  this will be updated within a few days.

There will also be an upgrade of portal by shift from dot net system to Linux. Daijiworld has vowed to provide a user-friendly mobile app to create a mobile version of their website and speedy search experience. Due to this the users may face inconvenience during this process.

Talking about the beneficiaries the daijiworld talks about the appeals and the grant of aids to noble causes like medicine, education, housing  and other needs especially during this covid era. This charity will bloom even more with the forthcoming donors and supporters.

The work undertaken by the daijiworld during the lockdown is indeed worth respect. The TV shows launched during that time campaign to extend people in need of food and medicine in the coastal cities.This has led to the contribution by the viewers and more than 6,000 families received help like groceries, food, medicine and cash directly. This initiative came under the campaign ‘Naavu Nimmondige’ and has been  acknowledged by citizens and leaders.

Daijiworld has extended its horizons by being a part of JIO platform, now having viewers from around Kerala, Sakleshpur, North Canara and other places. Daijiworld has scaled heights and now has reached a phase to make its channel available in Bengaluru and Mumbai via set-up boxes. Now all viewers can avail our programmes by mobile app, youtube live and others.

This local platform on news and entertainment  has indeed reached heights and aims in facing and curbing challenges in the coastal area. Daijiworld campaigns for social causes and justice, creates awareness on various ongoing local issues. It also advertises local enterprises connecting entrepreneurs and creating new life.

Talking about the history and staff, the founder, reminiscences the contribution of the late directors incharge. Praying for their souls and thanking the present team for their support, daijiworld promises to achieve feats by sharing knowledge and information to the locals. Daijiworld stands till date the most viewed news website in the south canara, which bloomed through local love and encouragement.

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