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All MIT Manipal students to be tested for Covid

With the rise in Covid cases and 72 cases being reported from the MIT campuses on Monday alone, the District administration has set forth by Covid testing to all students of the Manipal Institute of Technology from Tuesday. This started when the hostel area of MIT reported severe cases and was declared as a containment zone.

PC : @Vishal Shenoy
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The reports from the district Covid nodal officer, by Wednesday the officials will cover sampling all students of MIT for Covid testing. As of Monday 371 cases were tested positive. Also with the series of positive toll the hostel and campus premises were declared as a containment zone. 

The MIT issued notice states that all students will be tested on priority basis. The health officials incharge stated that all hostel dwellers of  the MIT containment zone will be RT-PCR tested on priority basis starting from 23rd of March. 

The testing centre and other facilities to curb this issue has been well established within the campus. The contact subjects who have been tested positive were tested in a facility inside the campus. There are two testing centres in the campus at MIT shuttle badminton court and another at the Annapoorna mess. In addition to this fever testing clinics and other facilities have been set up within the campus by Kasturba Medical College (KMC) , which is also a part of MAHE. 

This facility has unburdened many as every student is getting tested , unlike earlier when the priority were the contact of the positive cases. The student also add that block wise testing has been taken up from Tuesday, this has also led to reduced movement of students in the premises. The students have only been going out for essentials and to have their meals for a past few days. 

The police confirmed that the few students left the campus on the day of containment zone declaration. Udupi administration states that around 5,000 people are presently inside the campus. Few hostel blocks are kept aside as quarantine centres for Covid cases. The majority of cases detected so far are asymptomatic. 

The containment zone restrictions are limited to the MIT campus for the time being. But the other areas of the Manipal province, including the KMC campus is free from restrictions.

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