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All You Need To Know About Karnataka’s Magnificent Kunchikal Falls

Nestled in the Masthikatte-Hulikal region on the Shimoga-Udupi border, complementing the natural landscape of the state of Karnataka lies India’s largest waterfalls, the Kunchikal falls. Being 455m high, it ranks 116th in the world in terms of its height. However, the Kunchikkal falls do not stand alone, as River Varahi’s various tributaries contribute to the magnificent waterfall in the form of smaller yet beautiful waterfalls.

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A waterfall of such beauty is truly a national treasure and needs to be protected from the ravages of time. After a dam as well as an underground power generation station was constructed here, it resulted in the reduction of the amount of water flowing into this area. Thus, the true beauty of the waterfall can only be seen in the monsoon season. In the monsoon season, the heavy rains adorn the waterfall with a steady flow of water making the entire place look more majestic than it already is. 

Visiting the waterfall would require one to obtain a special gate pass which will have to be produced during entry. This pass can be availed at the nearby village of Hosangadi which is only about 15 km away from the waterfalls. 

The monsoon, as mentioned before, is the best season to visit the waterfalls as it is during this season that water flows steadily and appears otherworldly. It is truly a humbling experience as the roar of water falling on water rings in one’s years, slowly but gradually muting the worries of everyday life. It is in some ways an experience that makes one want to surrender to mother earth in all her beauty. 

Some of the cities from where it is relatively easy to get to the Kunchikal waterfalls include Mysore, Bangalore, and Mangalore. There are private buses from Bangalore that can take one to the waterfalls. However, upon reaching Hulikal one will have to hire a taxi to reach the waterfall. Those arriving at Mangalore airport can either travel to the falls by bus or taxi as there is a distance of 142 km between the airport and the falls. Those wishing to travel by train can hop on a train to Udupi either from Agumbe or Shimoga upon reaching where they can progress to the falls. 

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