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All You Need To Know About Som Beach Villas – A Resort That Will Help You “Relax, Unwind And Enjoy”

Tired of living a monotonous life? Tired of repeating every day over and over again? Som Beach Villas is the best place to relax, unwind, and enjoy. Here, at Som Villas, you can let the wind carry your worries away and let the waves wash your fatigue out to the sea. Som Villas is Mangalore’s very own mini-paradise as it is nestled next to the beach promising not only the best views possible but also the best environment that offers to heal both the mind and soul.

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Unlike most getaway resorts one may have come across, Som Villas has a very creative turn for things. Each room comes with a special theme, each of which will give you the feeling of traveling to different holiday spots. In times like today, when a deadly virus like the COVID-19 is lurking out in the streets when all non-essential travel has been prohibited, creating themes for different rooms which in turn give the feeling of traveling to different places is very innovative and thoughtful indeed.

Beaches are meant for relaxing and to let you take some time away from the pressures of daily life. Existing in front of something as massive as the ocean reminds one of how small an existence we are and that smaller are our worries that seem to weigh a ton. Som Villas is the perfect place to push such worries to the periphery, grab a cold drink, put on some sunglasses, and have the time of one’s life. Not a single piece of furniture, fixture, paintings, or decor in general of the resort has been left unattended. All the aforementioned objects come together, to provide the kind of aesthetic beauty one has only seen in movies. 

The resort has indoor pools in order to provide a sense of privacy to the guests. It also has the option of using floor-to-ceiling windows that have been installed with the intent of providing guests with a mixture of an indoor-outdoor feeling. Most importantly, beaches are known for their vivid sunsets. Therefore, with the intent of providing guests with the best possible view of the picturesque sunsets, the resort also has a spacious rooftop. Those who wish to do more than just enjoy the view and wind can even entertain themselves to a game of pool or darts inside the resort. Another noteworthy feature of the resort is the existence of barbecuing facilities just minutes away from the beach.

Thus, for those looking for the perfect getaway from the city and its monotonous life, Som Villas is the place to go to! It is warm, welcoming, beautiful and most importantly, nestled in the arms of mother nature – the perfect combination to provide oneself with some much-needed healing.

Address : Som Beach Villa
Dawaraka Nagar
Ullal, Mangalore – 575020
Phone : 7899563383
Email : [email protected]

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