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Arpitha Mallara, Spreading Smiles Around..

Life is a rollercoaster, rolling out with infinite experiences.” Most Runners run not because they want to live longer but they want to live life to the fullest”. This is how Arpitha, a psychologist, therapist, etc would like to describe her journey of life.

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 Arpitha Mallara is a Counseling Psychologist with over 10+ years of experience in the field. She helps people to overcome mental health issues, gain confidence, and live a fulfilling life. With her professional guidance, you can be on your way to healing and living your best life. Arpitha embraces her greatness with a pleasant keen knowledge of a Master in psychology from Kuvempu University in Shimoga. Along with a few valises of victories such as a certificate in expressive arts therapy from Anugraha institute of counseling and dream interpretation therapy and sparkle of CCAD(certificate in child and development. 

  She has developed her keenness in helping out people by getting through with various people in her previous working experiences. Her courage and experience held her crown as a cofounder of YOLO, came from handling business requirements, working for companies, and developing skills to conduct a job in a successful manner and stand by her own. 

  Arpitha having 10+years of Counseling services is an expert psychologist a mental health practitioner who specializes in treating patients with emotional crises, stress, anxiety, and behavioural disorders. Her primary responsibilities include offering patient consultations and implementing individualized psychological treatment. She is trained to help people of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances resolve issues and improve their quality of life. As a life coach, She’s able to help people navigate difficult transitions in their lives, such as getting through the stress that comes with college applications or changing jobs or relationships.

  “As a counselor psychotherapist, I know how difficult it is to achieve your goals and develop your personality”- Arpitha. That’s why She helps people find themselves and transform their lives with my personality development courses.

   It is not easy to make the decision in choosing the right therapist. That’s why She offers an affordable service that caters to people’s needs with quality therapy. She is a well-experienced psychologist and is ready to help you get out of your struggles in life. She offers counselling, life coaching, and Art therapy services. She also uses her Social media platforms like Instagram to guide and spread awareness.

  She’s on a mission to inspire and empower people to lead their best lives. She is a licensed therapist & life coach to provide the right therapeutic solution for you. So all you have to do is pick up the phone or send her an email with your requirements and her staff will set up an appointment for you!

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