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Aware Of The Pimps Roaming Around The City Leading Girls To Prostitution

   To all the girls out there, just be careful and aware when you hear questions like these,  “Do you need money to spend? Do you want to go shopping? Do you want to watch a movie in multiplex?,” These are the offers given by pimps or brokers to young girl students loitering around in Malls, theatres and parks in order to push them into prostitution.

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  The police investigation is continuing in the prostitution racket that was operating on a large scale in the city using minor girl students and busted recently by the police. It has come to light during the investigation that the pimps were on the lookout mostly for financially poor minor girls.

  Pimps try to get acquainted with the girls in the beginning as if they are known to their family. If they succeed, then they continue their friendship. If they fail, then they talk about problems or help using words that mostly lure girls. They also give some cash or buy them clothes and gifts. In addition, they take them to hotels, malls and spend lavishly on them and lay the trap of luxurious life. Once the girl is trapped in the vicious circle, the pimps ask her to bring in more girls. In the beginning, the pimps provide everything and also take photos and videos in the process.

  Later they use this evidence to blackmail the victims. Most of the girls succumb to pressure as they get scared of social stigma. Police request such victims to bring the matter to the police without fear as confidentiality of the girl or girls will be maintained in such cases.

  Hariram Shankar, DCP of the city says, “Girls get into the vicious circle of prostitution due to enticement and later blackmail. Generally, this happens as there is a lack of communication between the parents and the children. If anyone is trapped in such a network, they should not feel scared and bring it to the notice of either their parents or teachers at school. The operation will be carried out in secrecy. Information about victims will not be revealed to the public under any circumstances. This helps the police in taking suitable action against the culprits and prevent others from falling into such a trap.

  CCB police have already arrested 16 people in connection with this case under POCSO. The arrested belong to areas like Moodbidri, Ullal and Kasargod. They also include accomplices of influential politicians.

   If any girls going through a similar situation or anybody who get to know anything related to this, make sure you inform any of the concerned elders or police instead of stepping back so that responsible people can take proper action against it, without affecting anybody’s life.


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