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Bengaluru Kambala Stampede Set for November 25-26 at Palace Grounds.

In a grand announcement, the Bengaluru Kambala Samithi, in collaboration with the Zilla Kambala Samithi, declared the eagerly anticipated “Bengaluru Kambala” (Namma Kambala) to be held at the iconic Palace Grounds on November 25 and 26. The announcement came during a press meeting held by Ashok Kumar Rai, the President of Bengaluru Kambala Samithi, following discussions with buffalo owners.

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The event is set to captivate audiences with a procession of 125 pairs of buffaloes and their proud owners, who will travel from Mangaluru to Bengaluru. Buffaloes will be transported with utmost care in lorries, ensuring a comfortable journey. A vital concern is the well-being of the animals, and special arrangements for food and water have been made, sourced exclusively from Dakshina Kannada and Udupi. To accommodate the buffalo owners, facilities for 150 individuals have been secured in Bengaluru.

The journey will be a spectacle, with the people of Tulunadu extending a warm welcome to the buffaloes and their owners at various points. The event is set to attract celebrities from diverse film industries, and an estimated 8 lakh visitors are expected to attend over the course of two days. Attendees will also have the opportunity to indulge in Tulunadu cuisine through an exhibition-cum-sale at the venue.

To ensure everyone’s comfort, arrangements for 2000 VVIP seating and a gallery accommodating 10,000 viewers are in progress. Adequate parking facilities and essential amenities will be provided, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees. The event is poised to gain global attention as it will be broadcasted through various media channels.

President Ashok Kumar Rai shared the Samithi’s plans to request the government to construct a Tulu Bhavana in Bengaluru and sanction a Kambala Bhavan at Pilikula in Mangaluru, emphasizing the importance of preserving Tulu culture.

Recognizing the dedication and achievements of participants, the event will feature a felicitation ceremony, awarding medals to all participants. Notably, there is considerable demand from ministers and officials to have buffaloes run on their behalf. Eight ambulances equipped with veterinary doctors will accompany the buffalo-laden lorries, ensuring the animals’ well-being throughout the journey.

With an estimated cost of approximately Rs 6 crore, this grand event promises to be a spectacular celebration of culture, athleticism, and tradition, attracting visitors and participants from near and far.

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