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Bioluminescence observed at coastal line of Udupi district

In the last few days, bioluminescence has been spotted in Mattu-Padukere Beach. Bioluminescence is light produced by living creatures or algae as a result of chemical processes occurring within their bodies. Bioluminescence along the beach was recorded a few days ago by Mohith Shenoy from Manipal Birder’s Club. 

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On Wednesday, he went to the shore to look for bioluminescence. They believe it will remain there for some time. It was also noticed last year. On this stretch, though, it is not as large as it was last year. It can be seen in certain places, although it is primarily dispersed. So far, they have seen it on the Mattu-Padukere Beach length, and they expect it to spread to the whole of the coast.

Bioluminescence, or sparkle in the sea, can be attributed to the rise in marine organic pollution. Once the organic load in the water increases, the algal bloom starts. When the bloom happens, there is a drastic reduction in the fish catch, as the oxygen levels in that particular area are depleted. A team will visit the site to find out if the same species, Noctiluca scintillans, was found this year too.

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