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Blockchain technology to be used in Karnataka for Property Registration

The Karnataka state government is developing a system for property registration based on the blockchain technology in an attempt to make it more secure. In simple words, blockchain technology is a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset. It enables the transactions to be more transparent and unalterable.

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This new system, developed in collaboration with IIT Kanpur, ensures a permanent  electronic storage of property data through blockchain. Thus this eliminates the chances of alterations in the data and possible impersonation, once stored.

According to Additional Chief Secretary (e-governance) Rajeev Chawla, the revenue department has approved the system and it will be ready for a test run in four months. Each property holder will be given a property card similar to an ATM card, which can be accessed through a PIN. The property transaction details can be accessed only with the authentication of the user’s digital key or PIN number. The information will be locked unless provided access. The benefits include removing the problem of handling hard copies of the documents and that the information will now be available with a card swipe at the citizen service centre. 

It is also expected that this system will strengthen the already existing portal of the revenue department, Kaveri portal. The portal currently depends on human discretion for verification of identity and ownership and this is further authenticated at a sub-registrar’s office. The new system will eliminate all this hustle as the cards will provide the identification and authentication.

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