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Bokkapatna School Has Something Interesting In Its Walls Now.

 School is the stepping stone of education, that has to be a place where students are attracted to come and for that, The Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat Government Higher Primary and High School in Bokkapatna had bought a change in the school with beautiful artwork on its walls.

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  As many as 17 art teachers from across the district along with the students of Bokkapatna school together did the beautification in order to attract more students to the school. Due to the lockdown, the school was closed and ill-maintained for a long time.

  Deputy director Malleswamy had instructed the teachers to plan something fascinating to attract students to the school. Ambika, the art teacher of the school, requested her kind from different schools of the district to take up the initiative of beautifying the school with the artworks.

  The Paintings are interesting as the walls of the school narrate different stories like the Hare and the Tortoise, Lion and the Mouse, and many more. Even students joined hands with the 17 art teachers in the initiative. On the other side of the school wall, there is an attractive painting of a train.

  Headmistress of the school, Felora Shubhavathi says, “The school is looking attractive after the art teachers took up the initiative to beautify its walls. Students are also showing more interest in coming to school because of its new look.”

  Art teacher Ambika says, “In the month of October 2020, we took this decision to paint the walls of the school and attract more students. We took only a week to complete the artwork on the walls. I contacted 17 art teachers across the district to join hands with our students. Our students also got an opportunity to master the art in the process. On the other side, we can see students etching Warli Art on the walls of the school.

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