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Booster dose is required for frontline workers says the CM

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As per the Karnataka Chief Minister on Wednesday, COVID booster dosages are required for frontline health workers. The frontline employees have been on their second dosages for almost 6 to 8 months, and the technical committee on Covid agrees. He is traveling to New Delhi on December 2 and will see the Union Health Minister, he told reporters after arriving at Hubballi airport. He spoke about administering the booster dosages to the medical personnel and the COVID fighters. He also spoke about scientific advances and the Union government’s stance on booster dosages.

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They believe that, at the very least, frontline and health professionals should receive the COVID booster or third dosage. It was considered at task force meetings with specialists. They believe that healthcare personnel should be given booster dosages. He will talk to the Union Minister of Health about it.

Because a strain other than the Delta variation was discovered, a sample from an overseas traveler was forwarded to the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) for additional testing. They are awaiting the report to confirm the presence of the new variation. They will take appropriate action as soon as we get it. He underlined that the government has no plans to withhold services to anyone who has not received the COVID vaccine. The marketing will be ramped up.

Regarding the state’s handling of the COVID crisis in the light of the new strain’s danger, he noted that roughly 2,500 foreigners come into Karnataka every day at the Bengaluru and Mangaluru airports and that they have been ordered to be tested. They have previous COVID experience from the second wave. If they (foreign and out-of-state travelers) arrive infected and make many contacts here, detecting and tracking them will be difficult. Furthermore, the illness has a greater probability of spreading.

It will be tough, but taking these actions is unavoidable, and the Health Minister has been given instructions in this respect. On two fronts, they are concentrating our efforts. One is to keep an eye on individuals who arrive from other nations and to test everyone. Second, Kerala students and paramedics are present in all districts, and he has directed all district commissioners to keep an eye on them.

He stated that he has discussed the Covid epidemic at SDM Medical College with the Dharwad District Commissioner. Thirty-six pupils have tested positive for Covid to date. Only two people have tested positive on the seventh day when they were tested for the second time. Infected people show no signs or symptoms. About 7,000 people have been checked by the district administration, and over 1,000 tests have been done around the perimeter of the medical college, the CM stated. He claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda had addressed a variety of matters, including local election cooperation. In this context, our leader, former Chief Minister, and JD (S) leader will make a decision.

He also indicated that he had granted orders for resident physicians’ COVID allowances to be released in two or three days. Due to a lack of records, there was a delay. He stressed that individuals with clean records will receive their allowances immediately, while others will receive them in two or three days.

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