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Bus No. 27 Says No To Drugs – A Bus Owner’s Journey Of Creating Awareness On Drug Abuse

Dilraj Alva is many things, which include being the owner of five private buses all under the route taken by buses numbered 27. He has been striving relentlessly for the inclusion of the Tulu language in the 8th schedule of the constitution. He also came up with the idea to ‘go green’ with his buses, he  is the president of Dakshina Kannada bus operators association, he has brought about awareness regarding cleanliness in the city, and has now decided to create awareness regarding the very grave issue of drug abuse. 

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Even though the police have been working restlessly in tracking down drug dealers and uprooting the trade of drugs, Dilraj decided to do his part by putting up stickers on his buses so as to create awareness on how damaging drug abuse can be. While the police have been working day and night, this gesture from Dilraj shows how we, as citizens of the city, should also lend them a helping hand by doing whatever we can. The buses numbered 27 passes through fairly crowded areas of Mangalore like the State Bank Bus Stop, the Hampankatta bus stop, and Marnamikatte. Therefore, having put up messages concerning drug abuse will certainly reach a decent amount of people. 

Some of the many messages on the bus are Drugs Will Be Your Doom’; ‘Say No To Drugs’, ‘Your Life is In Your Hands’, and ‘Life Does Not Rewind’. When asked why he chose the topic of drug abuse as opposed to the ones he took up before like ‘Save Precious Water’ and conserving the environment, he talked of how the rampant abuse of drugs among the people was never far from his worries. He talked of how for the past six years he has voiced dissent against many events and how this is just one of them. 

Dilraj dwelled on how people take medicines without prescriptions these days and how narcotics have been traced to be one of the main causes behind delinquency and crime. Abusing drugs at an early age can prove to be extremely damaging. Therefore through efforts such as these and messages such as these, Dilraj hopes to reach the youth of today and hopefully instill awareness within them about the harm that can be caused by drugs. 

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