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CFAL’s Excellent Achievement: 24 Students Secure Impressive Ranks, Doubling Previous Year’s Top Performers in JEE Advanced

CFAL (Centre for Advanced Learning) has achieved a significant milestone in the JEE  Advanced 2023 examination, with 24 of its students securing impressive ranks. This  achievement represents a doubling of the previous year’s top performers from CFAL,  highlighting the institution’s commitment to academic excellence. 

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Notable among the achievers is Ketan Suman, who secured an OBC category rank of 331 and an All India Rank (AIR) of 1923. Affan Arshad also displayed exceptional performance, securing an OBC rank of 753 and an AIR of 3982. These ranks showcase the students’ dedication and hard work, placing them among the top achievers across the country.Other successful candidates from CFAL include Samanth Martis (AIR 2500), Ananya A K (AIR 3087), Shashank M N (AIR 3468), Ankith Kini (AIR 3753), Achintya Raghavan (AIR 5541), Varun Acharya K.V (AIR 6089), Aditya Ravindra (AIR 7495), Vasanth Prabhu Kumble (AIR 8466), Pramatha Rao (AIR 9793), Ananya Balike (AIR 9859), R. Ricky Roger (AIR 10516), Shishira Aggithaya (AIR 12821), Medhansh Shetty (AIR 13090), Ninad Srinivasa Rao (AIR 13911), Dhruv Ramesh Joshi (AIR 14172), Harshith Krishna R  (AIR 14897), Jaiteg Singh Dil (AIR 17184), Akhil Menon (AIR 18837), Yashaswini K  (AIR 19999), Rajat G A (AIR 21189), Adnaan Dawood (AIR 23148), and Vijeeth J  Poojary (AIR 23342). 

Vijay Moras, the Program Coordinator of CFAL, expressed his delight and extended  his congratulations to the students for their outstanding performance. He emphasized  that these achievements are a testament to CFAL’s vision and mission, which aim to  cultivate a deep interest in science and mathematics among students and groom them  to become future leaders in research and innovation. 

JEE Advanced is a highly challenging examination for aspiring engineering students,  determining their admission to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).  This year’s accomplishment becomes even more noteworthy considering the following  two key developments in the Indian education system: 

  1. Increase in IIT Seats: A total of 17,385 seats are now available in all 23 Indian  Institutes of Technology (IITs) across India, indicating a slight increase from 

last year’s total of 16,598 seats. This expansion presents greater opportunities  for deserving students to secure admissions into IITs. 

  1. Gender Equality in IITs: The introduction of female supernumerary seats in the  IITs has obliterated the difference between male and female students in the top  engineering colleges in India. Instead of reserving seats from the existing  number, the number of seats was increased specifically for female candidates  by 20%. This progressive step aims to foster gender parity and inclusivity in the  field of engineering. 

CFAL’s vision revolves around nurturing students’ curiosity in science and mathematics while equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in these fields. The institution strives to secure admissions for 70% to 80% of its students in the top 10 colleges nationally and internationally. To achieve this, CFAL has expanded its offline and online programs, enabling students to unlock their potential and achieve excellence. The institution also conducts various training programs and webinars for NEET, JEE, basic sciences, and research aspirants, providing them with support and opportunities for  growth. 

In line with their commitment to student success, CFAL has recently introduced the  NEET and JEE Repeater’s Program. This program is designed exclusively for students  who have faced challenges in previous JEE and NEET exams, offering them a focused  one-year preparation period to secure admissions into their desired engineering and  medical colleges. 

CFAL maintains a nurturing environment that provides students with comprehensive  resources, unparalleled support, and a platform to unleash their true potential. The  outstanding results achieved by CFAL students in the JEE Advanced 2023  examination serve as a testament to their dedication, hard work, and CFAL’s  unwavering support for its student community. 

For more information:  

Contact details:  

Centre For Advanced Learning,  

Bejai – Kapikad Road, Mangalore.  

Ph. No – 99005 20233

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