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Children on a mission to improve government schools

A group of young people from all backgrounds are on a mission to decorate government schools with vibrant paintings and give basic amenities in the coastal districts in order to save them and make them appear appealing. This has been made possible by the initiative of the group “Make Some1 Smile-Helping Hand,” whose members predominately attended schools where Kannada was the primary language. The group selects a different school building each year and develops a distinctive and imaginative theme for it as part of the school project “Make It Colourful.”

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Members of the group claimed they invest over Rs 10 lakh in government schools each year for a variety of projects. It involves painting, furniture donations, and other things. The group has more than 100 members and was established six years ago. We are aware of the realities of these institutions, which lack resources to upgrade their basic infrastructure, because the majority of them attended government schools before entering the corporate world and other professions. As a result, we focused on government schools with high admissions that were located in far-off villages. Every year, our organisation has chosen two schools for improvement. This year, we decided to paint a three-dimensional KSRTC Airavat bus on the entire Government Upper Primary School in Pillya, Belthangady,” they claimed. Prior to that, the gang painted a painting of a train bogie on the Government Higher Primary School at Gummetthu, in Idu village, in Karkala taluk. The school is located in a village where Naxals are a problem. The group members claimed, “We use the greatest materials for painting, so that it meets our goal.

The Belthangady Pilya school was finished a few days ago and opened on Sunday. Members of the organisation stated, “Since the work on the Pilya school, we have had more than 100 requests from different government schools to choose them for similar initiatives. The India border was painted in one of the classrooms, while an aeroplane was painted in another. Members of the group emphasised, “This is our endeavour to defend Kannada-medium schools.” In addition to painting schools, the group fulfils other needs for the government schools and gives books, bags, benches, and desks. They continued, “We also intend to expand the idea to other districts.”

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