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Coast Guard Celebration in Mangaluru

As part of the 47th Indian Coast Guard’s Raising Day celebrations on Thursday, the ICG organised a Day at Sea event. As a spectator, Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot observed the events. Under the direction of Deputy Inspector General PK Mishra, Commander Coast Guard Karnataka, the ICG conducted a number of demonstrations. Around 11 am, the ICGS “Varaha,” under the command of Amit Kumar Uniyal, departed from the New Mangaluru Port. The ICG team spent close to two hours doing a variety of demonstrations and operations that represented the Coast Guard’s charter of responsibilities. During the demonstration, the vessel travelled a distance of around 10 km at a top speed of 25–30 knots. 

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Two interceptor boats, C-448 and C-420, both commanded by assistant commandant Akash Sharma and deputy commandant Ankit, demonstrated how to approach the flagship while travelling at 25 knots per hour. These boats are built for speedy interception, search and rescue, and coastal security operations.

Onboard the sophisticated offshore patrol vessel “Sachet,” there were about 200 guests. As the ICG displayed a rescue procedure in case of a pirate attack, the spectators cheered. The ICG sent out two interceptor boats and two advanced light helicopters for interdiction after pirates attacked the vessel “KBG.” Additionally, the ship “Rajdoot” made its way to the location to fire warning shots and make sure the pirate-taken ship was caught. The pirates were apprehended when two armed boarding parties from the ICGS “Sachet” were dropped on board the ship that had been captured by them. Divers dove into the sea and fired hand flares, and a Jason’s cradle was used to recover the crew members who had fallen overboard.

The modern light helicopters demonstrated the rescue of a person from the water as hand flares were used to indicate the location at sea. The ICG also demonstrated its ability to put out fires. To imitate smoke bombs of the colour orange, which would indicate that a ship is on fire. Quickly activating its external firefighting cannons, the ICGS “Sachet” put out the fire on a coastal security boat.

All ships then joined in line-abreast formation to demonstrate precision navigation by practising station keeping by distance line (SKBDL), and to exchange any valuable cargo. On the event, advanced light helicopters performed helobatics. Ships organised into a column for shooting after manoeuvring. C-448 practised self-inflating targets for surface fire with small weapons while training units at sea. When the sea practise was over, the aircraft carried out a man and cheer ship drill to the flagship, where men manned the side indicated and saluted the governor. The ships then lined up for a steampast.

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