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Covid-19 Testing Mandatory For All International Travellers

On detection of a new strain of COVID-19 (now called Variant Under Investigation) in the UK, India had announced that all passengers arriving in India from the UK including those transiting near the UK would have to get an RT-PCR test done in order to ensure that they do not in fact have the coronavirus and therefore help authorities in ensuring that the new variant does not make its way into the mainland.

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However, in a recent press release from the District Health and Family Welfare Officer of Dakshina Kannada, all international travellers, regardless of where they come from have been asked to mandatorily go through COVID-19 testing procedures, especially those making their way into the city from both the city’s international airport and the port. The testing will have to be done 72 hours prior to their boarding and should show negative results for them to be admitted into the city. Precautionary measures such as these, it is believed, will help contain the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus. 

If at all international passengers do not get the aforementioned tests done, they will be asked to take an RT-PCR test upon arrival. Those arriving at the Mangalore International Airport have been undergoing testing starting from December 26th. Those passengers who have taken the test from the airport will then be asked to remain in isolation in their homes till their test results arrive and further action can b taken. Everyone has been asked to work hand in hand with the health department to ensure that we don’t have to face a second wave of the supposedly deadlier variant of COVID-19 as times have been troubling as it is.

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