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Covid Situation Worsening In The City; Those With Symptoms Require Immediate Test

Deputy commissioner of the district has stated that the current coronavirus situation in the city is going worse day by day and the trend shows the people to test themselves immediately if the symptoms of the disease is visible in their body.

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A video was released on May 4 where the DC addressed people and told that in the previous week the situation has gone from bad to worse. He added that the death rate is also increasing day by day. He showed concern as people with symptoms are not ready to undergo covid tests.  In the present scenario people are demanding treatment and ICU facilities. He also mentioned that the hospital beds are full in the district.

He requested people to approach hospitals in case they are showing symptoms and get tested for the disease. The infection can be treated in the initial stage, however as the disease worsens it would become troublesome for the person, their family and the district administration. He concluded the video telling that he would request the people with folded hands not to neglect the coronavirus second wave infection.

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