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Dakshina Kannada MP Reveals Plan for Nanthoor Flyover Project at Kavoor Lake Inauguration

On March 21, Dakshina Kannada Member of Parliament Nalin Kumar Kateel announced that bids for the construction of a flyover at Nanthoor Junction in the city will be opened the following week. The announcement was made at the inauguration of the rejuvenated Kavoor lake under the smart city mission.

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Mr. Kateel stated that the construction of a flyover at Nanthoor had been a long-standing demand and that the project would help ease traffic congestion in the area. He also mentioned that Dakshina Kannada had received a considerable amount of funds, amounting to ₹28,000 crore, from the Union government for development projects and welfare schemes from 2019-2023.

The Kavoor lake has undergone a redevelopment project costing ₹9 crore. The lake now features a separate space for the immersion of Ganesha idols during the Ganesha festival, a walking track, and lighting facilities. The developers have taken care to ensure that sewage water does not enter the waterbody.

The inauguration of the renovated Kavoor lake and the announcement regarding the Nanthoor flyover project have been welcomed by the residents of Dakshina Kannada, who look forward to the development and progress of the region.

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