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DC Issues Directive to Food Establishments to Ensure Hygiene Standards During Summer Season

DC Ravikumar has issued instructions for food outlets, hotels, bars, and bakeries to maintain strict hygiene standards during the summer season to prevent water and foodborne illnesses. The DC has stated that food entrepreneurs must ensure their water sources are clean, provide boiled and filtered water to customers, and store food correctly. Personal hygiene measures such as wearing gloves, aprons, and head covers must be maintained by cooks.

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In addition, prepared food should be protected from insects and flies, while fresh fish and meat must be checked for rot before selling. The DC also stressed that all food establishments must have a mandatory registration certificate and permission from the food safety and quality authority.

Meanwhile, the RTO has urged all bus owners to provide drinking water to passengers during the summer season. These measures aim to protect public health during the summer season, where the risk of water and foodborne illnesses is higher.

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