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DK: Schools see a dip in attendance due to cold and flu

Attendance at several schools in Dakshina Kannada has gradually decreased due to students suffering from colds and flu. Teachers have noticed some children seeking sick leave in recent days, although attendance has been strong despite the current COVID conditions.

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For at least three days, children with a stuffy nose and a fever are absent from school. Parents also avoid taking their children to school if they have minor symptoms or are otherwise healthy. Even though the campus had no Covid cases, a private school in Attavar was online for a few days.

There are no long or chronic absences, by an official. Every school has been advised by the department that a kid is allowed to seek sick leave at any time and return only when fully recovered. They have seen that a lot of kids are sick with the flu, a cold, or a cough. As of January 25, 349 children and 60 instructors have tested positive for COVID-19.

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