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Easy access for public to various depts by OneTouch Mangaluru Smart City app

Mangaluru Smart City is placing the city on a fast track to growth, and residents are benefiting from a variety of facilities. As a result of these developments, the OneTouch Mangaluru (OTM) app has been developed as part of the Smart City project and will be made accessible for public use soon. 

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Citizens will be able to access information regarding transportation, tourism, air quality, water supply, garbage disposal, and a variety of other topics and services through the app. People would have access to comprehensive information on Mangaluru. The software was created as part of a plan to offer residents smart services. People will be able to use the OTM app to access services from a variety of departments, including the municipal corporation, RTO, city police, and railway, among others. They feature an automated car-locating system for transportation information. It uses GPS to determine the bus’s current location, speed, and arrival time, among other things. Officials can get information on the garbage delivery vehicle about solid waste management issues. People may also use the app to file complaints if they have any. 

The whole range of waste collection services, including door-to-door pickup, waste transfer from small to large vehicles, and waste transportation to the rubbish dump, will be offered. OTM will have information on disaster management, emergency contact, helpline contact, police, fire station information, hospital phone numbers, and so on. Tourist information, such as where to go and how to get there, will also be accessible. Tourists who visit the city may use the app to create an email ID, a phone number, and a password, among other things. The app will be accessible on the Google Play Store once it is published. The software is ready to be published, as per the general manager of Smart City, but it has been placed on hold due to the existing election code of conduct. The app will be launched once the same has been approved.

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