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Face Mask May Not Be Compulsory Hereafter In Karnataka

  The face mask may not be compulsory hereafter in Karnataka, Health minister Dr K Sudhakar said that he will discuss with the Covid technical committee and take a decision with regards to the cancellation of wearing a face mask to protect oneself from Covid.

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  Speaking to reporters on Monday, April 4, Dr Sudhakar said, “Already, four states in the country have relaxed the rule of compulsory wearing of face masks. Nearly 90 per cent of people who wander around in public do not wear a face mask. No one is even slapping fine on them. So in a way, this is like undeclared cancellation of wearing face masks. I will discuss the matter with the chief minister and take a decision accordingly.”

  “It is reported that a new variant of Covid is found in China and some other countries. We are monitoring the opinion of the WHO in this regard. Genomic sequencing is still under process,” he said.

  Haryana, Maharashtra and Delhi governments have already withdrawn the rule of compulsory wearing of face masks in public places.

  Health experts, however, feel that the cancellation of wearing of face mask for protection from Covid is a hasty decision. Giving a statement on this subject, Dr Ravi Shekha Zha, joint director of Fortis hospital said, “The decision of withdrawing compulsory wearing of face mask is a hasty one. India is not completely Covid-free yet. All citizens have not yet got two doses of the Covid vaccine. Even if people are vaccinated it will not protect them from Covid. But it prevents fatalities. Hence, wearing a face mask is the best method to prevent the spreading of Covid. Not only Covid, but face mask can also protect from more serious diseases like Swine flu, Flu and Florona.”

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