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Farmers Transforms TVS into Multi-Purpose Vehicle, Redefining Agricultural Efficiency

A farmer from Unchalli, Siddapur taluk, has unveiled a unique vehicle that resembles a scooter but performs the tasks of an autorickshaw, proving to be immensely beneficial for farmers in the region. Vidhyadhar Bhat, the mastermind behind this innovative creation, devised the vehicle as a solution to the arduous task of carrying heavy loads on his shoulders.

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Bhat’s ingenuity was sparked when he stumbled upon an old TVS moped gathering rust in his house. Instead of letting it go to waste, he envisioned transforming it into a versatile cart vehicle. Collaborating with local engineer Prashanth, Bhat sketched out the design, which eventually led to the development of a three-wheeler equipped with a combination of scooter and autorickshaw features. The vehicle boasts scooty and auto tires, a CT 100 engine, and Omni vehicle brakes. Additionally, a container mounted on the rear can accommodate a substantial load of up to 300 kilograms. Notably, the vehicle is also equipped with a fan and an intercooler.

Impressively, the vehicle offers a mileage of 20 kilometers per liter when fully loaded and up to 30 to 35 kilometers per liter when carrying a lighter load. Overall, this farmer-friendly marvel allows agricultural workers to carry out their tasks independently, reducing their reliance on manual labor for farm-related work.


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