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Four dry waste collection centers to open in the Mangalore city

The management of dry waste has become a huge problem for the city corporation. Though as per the high court order, the waste has to be segregated into wet and dry waste for proper waste management, this sorting is not being done properly. Even after several awareness programmes about the importance of segregation, it is still not dealt with properly. In such a situation, the city corporation is planning to open four dry waste collection centres in the city in an effort to make the waste collection more efficient.

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Plans to open these centres under the Swachh Bharat Mission in association with private companies are underway. This plan is based on the model adopted by the Ullal municipality. Ullal municipality has entered into an agreement with Hasiru Dala and APD Foundation for opening the first ever dry waste collection centre in the district. Eighteen tonnes of waste is collected in Ullal everyday out of which four to five tonnes is dry waste. As per the agreement, Ullal municipality provides the facility for collection, processing and stocking of reusable waste while the technology along with training in waste handling is provided by Hasiru Dala and APD Foundation. Few NGOs have already shown interest in the project out of which the chosen company will be taking care of the collection, sorting and management of the dry waste, according to the environment engineer of the city corporation. 

Dry waste is non-biodegradable wastes and includes paper, plastic, glass, metal, thermocole, cloth, and wood. Wet waste includes organic waste usually generated by eating establishments and is heavy in weight due to dampness.  If the segregation is not done properly, then it will all mix up in the landfills. These wastes will decompose and may contaminate the land. Effective segregation of wastes means that less waste goes to landfill which makes it cheaper and better for people and the environment. It is thus important to segregate for public health and a better environment. 

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