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Four working days a week for employees, plans Centre

On the account of objections by the trade unions, the ministry of Labour and Employment has decided to implement only four working days per week for employees working 12 hours daily. Considering that there will be a near 48 hours of work  in a week, with an average of 8 hours per day and 6 working days, this plan has been put forth.

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The ministry quoted that as the number of working days increased the workers also are liable for similar weightage of holidays. So there will be 5 or 4 working days as per the mutual understanding between employees and employers.

The ministry also spoke about the formulations of new rules and regulations to the implementation of new Labour Codes. In consideration of the interests of labourers and employees, rules and regulations are being framed with regard to the working hours. Though this plan  has not come to any conclusion, the ministry guarantees exploitation free system to the employees.

The new rules under the Labour code will be first of its type to give minimum wages to all types of workers in our country. This will include new schemes for migrant labourers, provident fund facility to all kinds of labourers ensuring social security. Apart from these, women will be allowed in all kinds of trades and night shifts. All organised and unorganized sector workers will be covered under ESI.

In the process of making rules and regulations for four Labour codes, both state and central governments have authority to make their own rules as per the conditions. But in case of confrontation the centre holds all the priority.

To make these setups ready within the coming few weeks, a portal will be started to register the unorganised sector workers by May or June. This will result in collection of data of unorganised workers and also aid in formulation of policies on remunerative wages. The labourers registered on the portal will enjoy benefits of free annual insurance for accidents and disabilities under the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana. This plan will be enabled in coming few weeks.

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