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From Aadhaar Cards To Mosquito Bats, Lost & Found At MIA

From Aadhaar cards to mosquito bats, passengers at Mangaluru International Airport have lost only for stakeholders at MIA to find them. The whirlwind of emotions that one goes through at the thought of losing a treasured possession to finally getting it back is a feeling that the person who has undergone it, will vouch for. Giving these memorable experience to the stakeholders concerned is your coastal #GatewayToGoodness.

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Each month, an average of 150 items of all shapes and sizes are found in MIA terminals. The lost and found unit at Mangaluru International Airport plays a vital role in ensuring that the passengers are reunited with the items they inadvertently leave  behind. A robust lost and found mechanism manned by the terminal manager’s office brings back the smiles on faces of passengers who leave behind their items.

All such items found are deposited with the terminal manager and an entry made in the register. MIA has become more than just a travel hub. Travelers visit the airport for its many facilities and attractions. With so much to do at the airport, it is easy for one to get distracted and misplace items without realizing it. The most common items retrieved and handed in are the Aadhaar, voter identity, debit, credit, and PAN cards.

Passengers have left behind mosquito bat, slippers, neck pillows, cell phones, and even precious yellow metal ornaments. These are often left behind in the trays at either the domestic or international security hold area while depositing items for pre-flight security screening process. There has been an instance where a trolley retriever handed in a precious yellow metal ornament lying on the ground outside the terminal building.

While the relative of a passenger who lost it, returned home with her family heirloom, in other instances, passengers come either in person or collect the items left behind through their duly authorized representatives. The respective stakeholders – airport security group of CISF, housekeeping, maintenance staff or any other stakeholder who find the items, hands them over to the terminal manager for safekeeping.

Claim process is also simplified. Person who has misplaced the same may contact the terminal manager’s office during office hours, produce travel documents and proof of ownership of the item lost to reclaim it. In case, one misplaces the item(s), passengers should report the loss to the nearest May I Help you counter or the TMs office.

Claim time is from 9.30am-5.30pm (Mon-Fri). email: [email protected].

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