Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Google Launches ‘Kormo Jobs’ App For Job Seekers in India

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It’s challenging to keep track of applications and important information during job hunting. Google released Kormo, an employment app, in 2018 to make this task simpler and to help millions of young people find entry-level jobs in the post-pandemic environment. As per press reports, this software was first launched in Bangladesh. After a successful trial, it was expanded to Indonesia before being released as a Google Pay Spot in India (a digital storefront within the app).

After receiving 2 million entry-level job listings from firms such as Zomato, Dunzo, and others, the company feels that as an Android application, it would assist more young people, and has named it Kormo Jobs.

How to use the app:

Step 1: Visit Play Store, and download the application.

Step 2: Create a profile using your email address, and by creating a password.

Step 3: Enter the necessary personal information.

Step 4: Select your job interests, education, and work history.

Step 5: Submit the digital CV and start applying for jobs.

The app aims to make it easier for job searchers to apply for jobs across India, as well as for companies to interact with them. It allows users to find employment that they are interested in, shows open positions, and makes job recommendations based on the user’s profile. Relevant employment will be suggested as the user updates their résumé with specified interests. Users can also look for jobs that are relevant to their hobbies or in their desired area. Users may also learn how to make a digital resume and enroll in short courses to improve their interpersonal skills.

Employers benefit as well since they can post job openings, review applications from competent candidates, and learn how many have applied. They may also arrange interviews with candidates on the same platform, and once the post is filled, they can close the need. Google stated in an official blog that it will continue to invest in new features and jobs to improve the experience and enable people to take advantage of the convenience.


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