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Great Initiative: Trash Booms Set Up to Prevent Plastic From Entering Water Bodies in Mangalore

Plastic Fischer, a Germany-based social enterprise that develops low-cost devices to combat plastic pollution in rivers, is in the midst of placing garbage booms along river mouths in Mangalore to prevent plastic from entering rivers and oceans, with the help of Hasiru Dala, a social impact organisation.

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A garbage boom, or a permanent structure made to trap and retain floating plastic waste, was built at a stormwater drain close to Kudroli Alake approximately a month ago, according to Harish Shenoy, director of Plastic Fischer India.

Every day, workers manually remove the plastic from the systems and transport it to sorting facilities. The supply chain is updated with all recycling. Unfortunately, we have found that a large majority of the collected waste is not recyclable and is instead delivered to approved incinerator facilities for thermal processing. In the previous month, the Mangalore crew collected around 3.5 tonnes of plastic through beach clean-ups and river bank cleanups. A temporary rubbish boom is now being installed at Kulur. Since it began operations in early 2021, the company has undertaken projects of a similar nature in Varanasi, Kanpur, and Thiruvananthapuram.These portable trash booms, which are simple to dismantle in case of inclement weather, are being installed in more locations.

According to Mangalore City Corporation commissioner Akshy Sridhar, the MCC has temporarily offered land for the project. As per them, it would be expanded to more locations after they successfully demonstrated it.


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