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Harekala Hajabba Receives Approval for Pre-University College Upgrade.

Under the heartfelt advocacy of Padma Shri Harekala Hajabba, fondly known as ‘Aksharasanta,’ the Newpadpu government school is poised for a transformative upgrade. Recently, the state government responded to Hajabba’s impassioned plea by issuing an order to elevate the school to the esteemed status of a government PU college. This monumental decision, set to take effect in the upcoming academic year, marks a significant milestone in the quest to provide quality education to local students.

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The official order letter, symbolizing this remarkable achievement, was presented to Hajabba by Padmini S Rao, the under-secretary of the school education and literacy department, acting under the directives of the governor of Karnataka. This endorsement underscores the profound impact of Hajabba’s tireless efforts in advocating for educational enhancement within his community.

Hajabba’s journey from an orange vendor to a beacon of educational reform has been nothing short of extraordinary. His unwavering dedication to improving the conditions of the government school in the rural enclave of Harekala has earned him widespread acclaim and numerous accolades, including the prestigious Padma Shri bestowed upon him by the union government.

Not content with his achievements thus far, Hajabba relentlessly pursued his vision for educational advancement. Following the successful establishment of a high school in Newpadpu, he fervently petitioned Siddaramaiah in 2013 to actualize his dream of a PU college on the same campus. Now, through the issuance of the governor’s order, Hajabba’s long-cherished aspiration has finally materialized, promising a brighter future for countless students in the region.

As the curtains rise on this new chapter in the educational landscape of Newpadpu, Hajabba’s indomitable spirit serves as a testament to the transformative power of grassroots advocacy and unwavering perseverance. With the establishment of the government PU college, his legacy of educational empowerment and societal upliftment will continue to resonate for generations to come.

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