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Impressive 92% of CFAL Students Who Attempted NEET 2023 Qualify for Medical Admissions

CFAL (Centre for Advanced Learning), the premier integrated college in Mangalore,  proudly announces the outstanding achievements of its students in the recently declared  NEET 2023 results. CFAL has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence  in education by producing remarkable scores and securing notable ranks in this highly  competitive examination. 

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The NEET 2023 results, declared on June 13, have brought immense joy and pride to CFAL. Among the top achievers, B Shreyas Shenoy, a dedicated CFAL student, showcased exceptional performance, scoring an impressive 700 out of 720. This outstanding achievement has earned Shreyas Shenoy an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 326 and a remarkable Category rank of 234. CFAL extends its heartfelt congratulations to Shreyas Shenoy for this extraordinary accomplishment. 

Furthermore, CFAL students have demonstrated their caliber by securin commendable  ranks and scores in NEET 2023. Diya Bhat J has achieved an impressive AIR of 2772,  scoring 670 marks. Followed by Adithya Ravindra, who secured an AIR of 7930, with  a remarkable score of 646 marks.  

R Ricky Roger secured an AIR of 12326 with a score of 634 marks, Arjun Anil Baipadithaya secured an AIR of 23749 with a score of 610 while Dion Arnold Patrao achieved an AIR of 28174, scoring 601 marks. CFAL is immensely proud of these exceptional students for their hard work and dedication. 

Additionally, CFAL is delighted to highlight the achievements of Ishitha Krishnaraja,  Varshini Mayya A, Anagha Raghunandan, Muhammed Nihad K, Disha S Kateel, and  Ankith Kini, who have all secured marks above 500. CFAL recognizes their significant  achievements and commends their efforts in the NEET 2023 examination. 

Vijay Moras, the program coordinator of CFAL, expressed his elation and said, “At  CFAL, our primary focus has always been to empower students and foster their pursuit of excellence. We take pride in nurturing a community of exceptional individuals who  have achieved remarkable success. Our NEET program holds immense significance as  it equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to make meaningful  contributions to society. We fully comprehend the level of commitment and effort  required to excel in NEET, and our educational environment is specifically crafted to  offer comprehensive support to students throughout their journey.” 

Established in 2009, CFAL has been a prominent name in the education sector for over a decade. They adopt a unique approach that combines in-depth subject knowledge, rigorous practice, and strategic exam preparation techniques. Their experienced faculty members, who are experts in their respective fields, provide personalized attention to each student, ensuring a deep understanding of the concepts and enhancing problem-solving skills. The institute’s unwavering commitment to excellence has enabled it to consistently produce  outstanding results in competitive exams. Renowned as the best-integrated college in  Mangalore, CFAL is the preferred destination for students aspiring to succeed in  competitive exams such as JEE (Main & Adv.), NEET, NTSE, and Olympiads (Science  and Maths). 

CFAL extends its heartiest congratulations to all the successful students and expresses  its gratitude to the dedicated faculty members who have played a pivotal role in shaping  these brilliant minds. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, CFAL remains  dedicated to nurturing future leaders and helping students realize their true potential. 

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