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In 6 months, Ullal to become self-sufficient in solid waste management

Within 6 months, the Ullal City Municipality, which just introduced the Ullal Brand organic manure made from the city’s wet waste, will no longer depend on Pachanady for solid waste management. The municipality produces about 12 tonnes of wet waste per year and has expanded its manure output by adding more units. Within 6 months, the city municipality will be able to treat all of the wet garbage without having to transport it to Pachanady.

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As per the CMC commissioner, the urban local authority processes both dry and wet waste generated by around 65,000 inhabitants.  No garbage will be sent to Pachanady for another 6 months. Wet waste is transformed into manure and utilized by farms in and around Ullal, while dry garbage is recycled in the municipality area. 

The local municipality has collected separated garbage from homes and businesses during the last 6 months. He explained that awareness is being created to encourage people to segregate garbage at the source. Mangaluru MLA has just launched Ullal Brand organic manure. Farmers may purchase manure in bundles of ten kilograms for Rs. 10 per kilogram. The demand for Ullal Brand manure is rapidly expanding.


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