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In DK Only, 3.4% Has Taken Booster Dose

The Dakshina Kannada district has seen about only 3.4% of beneficieries between 18 and 60 years taking the precaution vaccine dose, this is resulted because of the widespread notion that the pandemic is over as the number of cases has declined.

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The central government assigned the precautionary dose to be given at private hospitals a month ago. Out of 18.42 lakh beneficiaries in the district who got the first dose, 17.77 lakh took the second dose. However, 61,990 have taken the booster dose so far. The majority of those who received the third dose are above 60 years of age or are healthcare workers.
Of the 2.69 lakh above 60 years who have received the first dose, 2.64 lakh took the second dose but 33,973 took the booster shot as of Friday. Out of 52,523 healthcare workers in the district, 35,592 got two doses and 19,892 took the booster. Of the 9,359 frontline workers in various government departments, 5,932 took the booster.

  In the 18-44 years age group, 8.87 lakh took the second dose, but 1,228 have taken the booster so far. In the 45-60 years bracket, 4.45 lakh took the second dose, but 965 went for the booster. Which leads to a poor number of people taken booster dose.

Dakshina Kannada RCH officer Dr BV Rajesh said: “Many are reluctant to take the third dose as they think the pandemic is over. Also, many are unwilling as it is not available for free for them. They will have to shell out about Rs 400 in private hospitals for a precautionary dose of vaccine.”


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