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Independence Today!

Turning back to 74 years on this day we’d dream of a nation rejoicing to be a sovereign. We’d see millions gathering to breathe in the air of freedom that the nation fought for from the colonels. That’s exactly what makes August 15th an emotion to every Indian out there.

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This day would witness crowds in every stop hoisting flags and singing the  national anthem in chorus. Students would enjoy a holiday with an hour long celebration at schools and colleges. Shopping freaks would have already filled the malls making sure to receive their pack of offers.

Probably the year 2020 was a year that turned all these into nostalgia. The pandemic has affected all the normal activities and we’ve all shifted to this so called “new normal”. Generation today is looking forward to Independence from the existing protocols and precautions.  The country is looking forward to the good old days without masks and sanitizers. The normal where test certificates aren’t necessary to travel around the country. 

In place of crowds to Celebrate, we have meeting links to get together today. National anthem and songs are sung in chorus, just that the sync will depend on the child’s network connection. Students have had enough of their holidays and are looking forward to having a day-long celebration in school and the malls with offer tags will have their shutter down in view of the weekend curfew.

Independence day doesn’t seem like what it used to be and we’re all looking forward to actual freedom from what the virus has caused. A lot has changed over years but maybe nobody could foresee that 75 years later the nation would actually be looking for a different independence!

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