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India breaches one lakh daily mark of Covid cases

This Sunday India observed a peak in covid cases reported. The state of Maharashtra alone reported more than 57,000 positive cases, making it a new account and leading to a new imposed lockdown in the state of Maharashtra. Reports indicate that the national count of covid cases to be 1.01 lakh, other states like Odisha,Telegana announces its covid positive numbers. 

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The previous high was observed on September 16th, 2021 when 97,894 positive cases were reported. Then this trend observed a decline in 5 months time until the second wave began.

The day, PM of the nation chaired a meeting with senior officials to send a team of public health workers, clinicians to the worst covid hit states of Maharashtra, Punjab and Chhattisgarh, the 1 lakh line was crossed and the mark breached. These states observed the highest mortality in those 2 weeks. 

While no city in the nation reported more than 8,500 cases in a day; The cities of Mumbai and Pune being the worst affected observed 11,206 and 12,472 fresh cases in a day. The state of Maharashtra detected 57,074 new cases this Sunday crossing the per day average. 

Accompanying the State of Maharashtra Chattisgarh detected 5,000 plus cases and Punjab lingered back to 3,000 range. In the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka  the cases are in the 4,000 per day range. Almost all big states in the nation are reporting the big increase in the covid cases. 

The estimates of Sunday’s report states that about 1.25 crore population of India are contracted with the disease, with 7 lakh active  cases, of which Maharashtra with 4.3 lakhs holds the major share. 

Maharashtra alone stands with 57 percent of total active cases and 47 percent of Mortality in the last few weeks. In the review meeting by the PM the state of Punjab is said to have observed the death rate of 16.3 percent, with contribution of 4.5 percent of total cases. Similarly, Chattisgarh observed a death toll of 7 percent over 4.3 total cases of the nation. 

The total national case-load is concentrated in states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab and Chattisgarh making it about 76 percent of the total. 

With this crisis at hand the PM Modi stressed on continuation of five-fold strategy of testing, tracing, treatment, Covid appropriate behavior and vaccination. With the mission-mode all states with hiking cases are to take appropriate measures to control this pandemic. 

The meeting with the PM Modiji discussed three major agendas being reasons for the upsurge, severe carelessness regarding covid appropriate behavior like not wearing the masks and pandemic fatigue with ineffective containment measures.

The PM introduced the help from the community to trace active cases and help manage the same. Also the public places, work facilities and healthcare units will observe a special campaign on 100% covid appropriate behavior on masks, sanitation and personal hygiene, from April 6th to 14th told the PMO(Prime Minister’s office). 

More importantly with the need to curb the mortality rates the PMO has ensured that the beds, medical facilities, oxygen availability, ventilators are at best and to ensure strict clinical protocol for at-home and hospital care. 

With saturation of vaccination around the surging states the Government has made it mandatory for all States and Union territories to share their daily performance analysis for corrective actions. 

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