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Join the ‘Women On Walk’ for Heart Health: KMC Hospital’s World Heart Day Initiative on Sept 17

In commemoration of World Heart Day on September 29th, KMC Hospital, Dr B R Ambedkar Circle, Mangaluru, has initiated a month-long campaign to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases and promote heart health. This campaign aims to educate the public about the causes, symptoms, and risks associated with heart diseases and emphasize the importance of preventive measures.

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The Heart Health Awareness Campaign

KMC Hospital’s campaign encompasses various educational and activity-based events throughout the month of September. The program seeks to inform individuals about the significance of maintaining a healthy heart and how it impacts overall well-being. Dr Narasimha Pai, HOD-cardiology at KMC Hospital, Mangaluru, highlighted the alarming global statistics of cardiovascular diseases, emphasizing that heart disease is not just a ‘man’s problem.’ Recent data reveals that women in India are increasingly vulnerable to heart disease.

As part of the World Heart Day campaign, KMC Hospital is hosting a special event called the “Women On Walk (WoW) for Heart Health.” Scheduled for Sunday, September 17th, this exclusive walkathon for women aims to raise awareness about women’s heart health and the importance of addressing it. Participants can register for the event via WhatsApp, and the theme is to wear red to symbolize heart health awareness.

Dr Padamanabha Kamath, senior cardiologist at KMC Hospital, encouraged individuals to prioritize heart health, especially given the prevalence of lifestyle-related risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. To facilitate early detection and prevention, KMC Hospital is offering a concessional Heart Health package priced at Rs 777, which includes various essential tests and a specialist consultation. Interested individuals can book an appointment to avail of this package.

Community Engagement and Awareness

Dr Harish Raghavan, senior heart surgeon at KMC Hospital, shared how the hospital has been actively engaging with the community in previous years to raise heart health awareness, including CPR activities, drawing competitions, and outreach efforts. This year, KMC Hospital has partnered with Red FM to conduct the “HEARTBEAT” heart health quiz program to further promote awareness.

As heart disease continues to be a growing concern in India, especially among younger individuals, Dr Madhav Kamath, senior cardio thoracic & vascular surgeon at KMC Hospital, emphasized the need to debunk the myth that heart attacks only affect those above the age of 50.

The campaign’s initiatives and collaborations reflect KMC Hospital’s commitment to improving heart health and spreading awareness in the community.

About Manipal Hospitals

Manipal Hospitals, a leading healthcare provider in India, focuses on delivering affordable, high-quality healthcare. With a Pan-India network of 29 hospitals across 16 cities, Manipal Hospitals serves over 4.5 million patients annually. They are recognized for their commitment to patient care and have earned various accreditations and awards.

The Heart Health Awareness Campaign by KMC Hospital underscores the importance of heart health and the role of healthcare institutions in raising public awareness about cardiovascular diseases and preventive measures.

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