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Kambala To Be Organised In Mangaluru With Modifications

The district Kambala Samithi has decided to approach the district in-charge minister with a request to permit holding of Kambala, with the necessary preparations. 

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Kambala which is held between November last week and March end under normal circumstances for which the preparations begin in August, is facing uncertainty this year due the delay in the preparations because of the pandemic. 

Kambala is an annual festival held over a two day period celebrated in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. The festival involves the traditional buffalo race, a popular and unique sport among the farming community of the state.

With a history that traces back to over a thousand years, Kambala is a celebration which has several beliefs about the origin of the festival. According to one belief, it is a festival that originated in the farming community of Karnataka. It was celebrated to please the Gods for a good harvest. The other belief regarding the origin of Kambala is that the buffalo races originated as a sport for the royal family’s amusement or pleasure. Thus it is a celebration that has been a part of the culture for a long time.

About 12 Kambala events will be held this year, which is much less than the usual number of events held yearly. This is due to the long period of preparation it requires. Kambala season might begin in the last week of December or January.

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