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Karnataka: Maharashtra visitors are exempted from obtaining an RT-PCR negative certificate

Those travelling from Maharashtra to Karnataka for a short time do not need to produce negative RT-PCR certifications. Those who visit Karnataka for two days or less are excused from producing such certifications, according to the state government. They must, however, receive two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination and adhere to the COVID-19 regimen.

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Following the decline of cases in Karnataka and Maharashtra, the State advisory council on COVID-19 met in Bengaluru on November 6 and revised the regulations to allow short-term visits. People who travel to Karnataka by road, rail, or air and return to Maharashtra in two days would be subject to the new rule.

They must be asymptomatic and carry a self-declaration, they must follow all COVID-19 protocol, such as wearing masks and avoiding being in a crowd, and they must pass thermal scanning upon arrival. They must have a double dosage vaccination certificate on them. They’ll need to show a valid return ticket.

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