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Karnataka Tightens The Check On Kerala And Maharashtra Borders

With the rise in the Covid cases in the state capital and other regions of the state, the government has taken steps to control this crisis. Recent tests conducted on Wednesday recorded 760 positive cases  of which 488 were reported from the city of Bengaluru, raising concerns regarding the next wave of Covid.

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Due to the uprise in the covid cases, in the meeting with the ministers and the higher officials, the Chief Minister of the state has decided to enhance the checks of RT-PCR negative reports in the Maharashtra and Kerala borders. This has been made compulsory and instructed to all district commissioners to enforce the same from  16th March. 

This meeting was held noting the rise in cases in the state. The reports from the Department of Health and Family Welfare Services, Karnataka show a list of 9,021 fresh covid cases from the start of March, out of which 5,802 cases are alone from the capital city of Bengaluru. The last fortnight in Bengaluru the Pandemic has brought about 40 out of 59 fatalities. 

As per BBMP commissioner the covid-19 cases have observed an average increase to 400 in March while compared to just 243 and 300 in February and January respectively. With such a situation at hand the covid centres at Koramangala Indoor Stadium, HAL, Haj Bhavan and others are kept on standby in case of any emergency. 

Furthermore the Chief Minister of the State has decided to increase the rate of vaccination, ensuring more coverage in public inoculation during future days. The discussion of increasing the contact tracing and testing to keep the spike of covid cases under control has been made all upon the suggestion from Covid-19 technical advisory Committee. 

Ultimately the CM stressed on the cooperation from the public end. The guidelines on Covid-19 that has to be mandatorily followed to avoid a second lock down and maintain the economic balance all lie in the people’s hands.

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