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The Man Who Trained Around 1,60,000 students and women Self Defense – Karthik S Kateel

Addressing the growing problem of rape and sexual assault, particularly among high school and college students, and teaching females an effective self-defense strategy to keep them safe from rape and sexual assault. Karthik S. Kateel, a Black Belt in Karate and Jeet Kune Do, a trained mixed martial art trainer and appointed Grand Master Trainer for self-Defense by the Indian Red Cross Society, YRC Karnataka Branch, along with his mother, Mrs. Shobhalatha, have created the NGO Swaraksha for Women Trust.

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The mother-and-son duo conducts self-defense workshops at schools and colleges in the case of an assault or rape attack, teaching women how to protect themselves successfully using psychological techniques and self-defense skills. Since its inception in 2014, the Self-Defense Workshop has taught over 1,60,000 students and women, as well as 70 female police officers from 515 institutions, in over 800 sessions across Karnataka.

The aim is to reach out to every female in Karnataka in high school and college to teach them how to defend themselves in the event of a rape attempt or sexual assault. Students and professors from 515 institutions have ranked this curriculum as one of the most successful self-defense and women’s empowerment programs ever. This program is suitable for girls aged 12 to 60 years old and does not include any sort of martial arts.

Everyone may benefit from this training because it is simple and easy to understand and practice. Hundreds of women have escaped from harassment and rape attempts by employing the methods that were presented to them at their universities (proof has been attached below). The Police Department, doctors, professors, academicians, and students have all praised this workshop. This training curriculum spreads by word of mouth from one institution to the next. It would be great if you could hold this valuable women’s empowerment session for all of the female workers at your company.

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