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KMC Hospital Attavar Launches Advanced Emergency Medicine Department, Promising Revolutionary Care

KMC Hospital Attavar witnessed a momentous occasion on Wednesday as the new emergency medicine department was inaugurated by DCP Anshu Kumar Srivatsav, who oversees law and order in the region. This cutting-edge facility aims to provide round-the-clock emergency care services, equipped with a dedicated Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Operation Theater (OT), and STAT lab. With a capacity of 30 beds, this state-of-the-art department is poised to revolutionize emergency medical care in the area.

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During the inauguration ceremony, DCP Anshu Kumar Srivatsav addressed the gathering and expressed his optimism about the hospital’s enhanced facilities. He emphasized the pivotal role of doctors, acknowledging the public’s inclination to seek their assistance during critical moments. He also commended the new innovation in the emergency medicine department, predicting its positive impact on patient care.

Dr. M D Venkatesh, the Vice-Chancellor of MAHE, was present to inaugurate the newly updated website of KMC Hospital Attavar. In his speech, he highlighted the department’s purpose of delivering prompt and comprehensive care to patients in critical condition. Dr. Venkatesh emphasized the significance of this mandatory requirement and stressed the importance of training, awareness, and capacity building to provide the best possible care. He lauded KMC for its commitment to serving the community by offering top-quality medical services.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals including Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr. Dilip G Naik, Medical Superintendent Dr. John Ramapuram, Dean Dr. B Unnikrishnan, and Chief Operating Officer of Teaching Hospitals Dr. Anand Venugopal.

Dr. Madhusudan Upadya, Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine, warmly welcomed the attendees. Dr. Nikhil Paul, Assistant Professor from the Department of Emergency Medicine, extended a vote of thanks, while Dr. Achu expertly compered the event.

The inauguration of the new emergency medicine department marks a significant step forward for KMC Hospital Attavar, reinforcing its commitment to providing efficient and advanced medical care in times of emergencies. With its cutting-edge facilities and dedicated staff, this department is poised to make a positive impact on the well-being of the community it serves.

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