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Konkani Comedy Film “Lucky Draw 777” by YouTube Stars Goes Global.

Lucky Draw 777 is Konkani-language comedy film that was released in 2023 by Rayan Magneto, the writer, editor, director and producer of the film. He also runs Rayan Magneto Films and Trending Shield, a YouTube channel that features short comedy sketches by him and his friends Kelvin Saldanha and Joel Rodrigues. The trio has been entertaining the Konkani community worldwide for seven years now with their witty videos, which have over 10.5k subscribers and 300+ uploads. They had always dreamed of making a film, but they faced many challenges, such as the lack of funds and Joel’s departure abroad for education. However, Rayan did not give up on his passion and managed to raise some money through crowdfunding and personal savings. He also got the support from co-stars Lucy Lobo Aranha, a famous theatre actress, and Dr. Melwyn Pernal, a renowned writer and host and Kick started the project.The film features Kelvin Saldanha, Lucy Lobo Aranha, Rayan Magneto, Leston Lestu and Rishal Permannur in the main roles. The music is composed by Russel Rodrigues, and the cinematography is done by Stany Niddodi, Alwyn Sequeira and Drone work by Naizil Rodrigues, Jeevan Dcosta and Hanson Rodrigues. The film was shot with Canon 5D Mark IV and mostly used natural lighting. The shooting took place in Kinnigoli, Aikala, Damaskatte and Mangalore for 15 days. The film’s Muhurat was held on 10 December 2022 at Our Lady of Remedies Church, Kirem. The Logline of the film is basically about Three Friends get started with the hunt of a ‘Lucky Draw 777’ ticket which they jointly bought for a meagre amount of Rs 30 and their Struggles and confusions in order to Claim it. The film was made with the intention of releasing on YouTube or OTT, but the makers then decided to have a premiere show at the theatres and it premiered on 02 September 2023 at Bharath Cinemas, Mangalore, and was well-received by the audience. Based on response and support, the film was screened at different parish halls and has been screened in 16 parishes, attracting more than 6000 viewers. Recently, the film made its international debut in Canada, thanks to the collaboration with Mangalorean-Candian associations. The screening was attended by more than 100 people, thus proving that “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” like Paulo Coelho wrote.

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