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KSRTC Introduces Panic Buttons and GPS Tracking in Buses for Enhanced Safety of Women Passengers

In a proactive move aimed at bolstering the security of women passengers, the management of KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) has announced the installation of panic buttons and GPS tracking systems in its buses.

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With this new safety initiative, passengers onboard will have access to a panic button within the bus premises. Once triggered, this panic button will instantaneously transmit crucial information to the central control room at KSRTC. Subsequently, the personnel in the control room will promptly notify both the driver and conductor, ensuring swift on-ground response.

In conjunction with the panic button system, a GPS tracking mechanism will also be integrated into the buses. This GPS system will serve the dual purpose of real-time vehicle tracking and immediate communication with local law enforcement authorities. In the event of any concerning situation, the precise location of the bus will be relayed to the nearest police station, facilitating rapid assistance.

A high-ranking official within KSRTC revealed that this decision was the result of a recent meeting where safety measures were paramount. The estimated budget for implementing this comprehensive project amounts to Rs 30.74 crore.

Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy expressed his thoughts on the matter, stating, “Both premium and non-premium buses within the KSRTC fleet, totaling 8000 vehicles, will be outfitted with panic buttons and GPS systems. The financial backing for this initiative will be a joint effort, with two-thirds of the funding sourced from the central government and the remaining one-third from the state government. Dedicated control rooms will be established in Bengaluru to oversee these safety provisions.”

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