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KSRTC to roll out Indian Services

Manipal and Mangaluru’s International Airport are considering accepting internet reservations. Officials claim that this will benefit passengers coming from the Gulf because they won’t have to stand in lines or worry about paying in Indian rupees once they get to the airport. Additionally, this will benefit travellers leaving and entering from other states. On November 1, bus service to MIA commenced. It had long been requested by air travellers who would otherwise rely on taxis or private vehicles to get to the airport.

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According to Rajesh Shetty, divisional controller for KSRTC in Mangaluru, after the inauguration of the services, people demanded that ticket purchases be made online. In order to make tickets available online, we have made a proposal to our head office in Bengaluru. If it is accepted, purchasing bus tickets can be done online on the KSRTC website. According to the timing of their flights, passengers “said he.” The Volvo low-floor air-conditioned bus service is not currently receiving very great feedback. Shetty claimed that MIA visitors are still unaware of the bus services.

“We had a rather positive response from Manipal compared to Mangaluru.” “The MIA bus service is now losing money, but given that it’s the holiday season, we anticipate that things will improve soon,” said Shetty. The number of regular customers using the Mangaluru-MIA bus service is decreasing, whereas Manipal is doing better. In addition, KSRTC spends roughly Rs 900 between tolls in Surathkal and Hejamady for a trip up and down to Manipal.

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